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Russian Language Marathon

Learn Russian:  Join Russian Language Marathon Today! Instead of flipping through that dusty grammar book again, we’re talking about a ...

Learn Russian: Join Russian Language Marathon Today!

Instead of flipping through that dusty grammar book again, we’re talking about a comfortable way to learn Russian efficiently that gives you the inner motivation to become fluent in Russian.

In 10 days of virtual interaction you will:
  • Explore need-to-know topics about the Russian language
  • Discover rules for learning language efficiently
  • Get personal support from learners and professionals
Close contact with a Russian-speaking environment will push the efficiency of your studies to the highest level 

Join Russian Language Marathon Today!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn Russian and visit Russia now! 
Don’t wait for the future, when you can start right now. Subscribe for our Russian-language marathon and receive a 
$59.99 value for FREE! 

Why Is It a Highly Efficient Way to Learn Russian?

  • You are in a contact with Russian language environment
On the way of the marathon it is our job to put you in contact with people like you - the Russian language students and proffesionals
  • You follow only efficient methods
You discover and use simple, but proven learning techniques and methods. Increase the efficiency of your studies is one of the main goals
  • You get support from like-minded people
You are connected with Russian learners and experts who are committed to the same goals, who have the same views and interests as you do

You get proven learning methods in the form of simple rules:
  • "Wise" approach to Russian grammar 
  • Shortest way to good listening skills 
  • Effective way to learn new words 
  • Storytelling to get you ready for speaking
 ...and other ideas that may change your approach to learning Russian!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who are the creators and members of this marathon?

This learning marathon is organized by people from the Learning To Know Russian team (creators of the Travellers' Notes program). Vision and idea by Denis Ivanov. Participants in the event are Russian language learners from all over the world
Do marathon members have any obligations?
Formally - no! The only thing we are asking is your sincere feedback and comments. Naturally, we will be happy if you tell your friends about us.
How do I know that the time will be spent usefully?
"Only highly efficient methods" is our motto. We don't promise to tell you some secret of "super-fast" learning or anything like that. We just choose proven methods, interesting content, qualified professionals, and that's it! You will be making a big step in a short time. 
How will I get access to the marathon content and discussions?
To provide you with convenient access we will employ different platforms: Facebook group, blog posts, web-site restricted area, emails, etc.
 Will I be able to stop/pause my participation?
Sure. You don't have any obligations, and at any time you can quit with a few clicks
 Can you really learn Russian for free? (YES!)
Last, but not least, you may be wondering: Why is Learning To Know Russian giving this program away for free?
The answer is simple: because it’s our mission. We want to make Russia and the Russian language more accessible and open to foreigners. We give away our best content, knowledge and ideas and in return our marathon members provide us with feedback. This way we learn and grow together!

Join Russian Language Marathon Today!

I am Denis Ivanov, the co-founder of "Learning To Know Russian"
The proven methods we use have already helped millions of people. They will drive you to success too!


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