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Hi everyone!  This is Denis.  Recently, I get bored and disappointed with my language studies. It happened immediately after arriving in...

Hi everyone! This is Denis. Recently, I get bored and disappointed with my language studies. It happened immediately after arriving in Australia. What was wrong? Nothing, but I was permanently smiling and saying: “Sorry! Could you please repeat that?”. 

Denis Ivanov, Learning To Know Russian

I thought that learning language means:
  • memorize lots of words (preferably a whole dictionary),
  • read from cover to cover the biggest grammar textbook,
  • hire a teacher and do what he tells to do.
In fact, most learners think that, but now I realise it isn't true...

Sometime later I discovered lots of simple and efficient methods and techniques. They have been developed but are not widely known or used. The reasons behind their lack of popularity are varied but the principle reason is that they are not cost-effective for schools and teachers. But that’s another story...

Anyhow, I know a couple of people who need a hand with their language learning ... actually, everybody I know needs assistance in some way or other. I decided that I must share the results of my research and development. 

That’s why I’m writing this post for the Learning to Know blog.
That is why Learning to Know has been launched. 

We see Learning to Know as a place for people who pursue efficiency; who need ideas and tools for learning.
My golden rule is “Never, absolutely never accept low or moderate effect. Use only highly efficient learning tools and methods”.
To follow the rule we research and develop practical learning tools. I have a lot of plans and I believe that we can make things better. And that’s why we are here!

I love learning! Now, I am absolutely certain that everyone can surprise yourself by starting to speak a foreign language, or two. Everyone can inspire other people to start learning.

Look for answers to your questions on my blog!

Best regards, Denis Ivanov

Learning To Know,Co-Founder
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