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Why Do People Learn Russian AND How My Book Helps

There was a time, many years ago, when I met a Russian learner for the first time. It was all the way across the globe in Australia. 
I was amazed that anyone would even think to learn Russian!

“How long have you been studying Russian?” I asked. With a thick accent Greg answered, “Дэ…десать лет.” He stuttered, mixed up his words and could barely get a phrase out. And that was the result of ten years of study!

A lot of time has passed since then and lots of students, just like Greg, have told me the most wild and interesting reasons for studying Russian. And of course, they also told me about their struggles.
I even wrote a book especially for Greg and for you too!

Some students can’t explain why they started learning Russian and continue to struggle along with it. But really, when you think about it, everyone has their own logical reason. And I think I have heard them all!

So tell me, do you see yourself in this list?

Getting back to your roots

Have family that came from Russian in one of the emigration waves from the USSR? Quite often you can hear ‘I am ¼ Russian by decent and really wish my babushka had taught me Russian.’

reasons for learning russian

If your family didn’t speak Russian at home and didn’t teach you the Russian, you’ll have to start with the basics - read the chapter 'Pronunciation can ruin everything is there to help you'.

You have to...

Maybe you are an International Relations student and Russian is part of your study programme? You need to pass the TORFL test to get a work permit in Russia. Maybe your boss is Russian?

studying in russia
Фото: Александр Иванишин

I will presume that Russian grammar is probably your biggest sticking point. I had this in mind when I wrote chapter 'Grammar every day'.

Cultural legacy

Maybe you are a big fan of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy or maybe soviet films, Pushkin or Silver Age poetry? Maybe you want to read classic Russian fairy tales like Jack Frost?
One American told me he "wanna watch ballet in Russian"!

russian classic ballet swan lake lebedinoje ozero
Fragment from a classic Russian ballet "Лебединое Озеро" (English: "Swan Lake")

Don’t read translated Russian literature! The translation just ruins all the meaning and beauty of the original.  

Russian wife

Russian wife... or husband? Russian-speaking kids, in-laws or other Russian-speaking relatives?
Then congratulations! You have a great reason (and opportunity) to learn Russian.

yours mine ours movie screencap
Screencap from the movie "Yours, Mine & Ours" (2005)
I know just how important ‘live’ conversation is about basic topics. How important it is to finally tell your mother in law that you don’t want any more Sauerkraut! 
 Bonus Lessons
Also don’t forget to watch the video lessons (you get access to all the bonus lessons, for free, on the book site)


Do you live for politics and news? Do you want to read the latest developments in Russian too?
Whether you admire Russia’s role in the world or think the opposite, Russia makes the headlines time and again. As one German told me: “well Denis, it’s time to start studying Russian again”.

So if you need to know how to read and write Russian properly and quickly build an impressive vocabulary, you’ll want chapter 'Memory like a super computer?'

Live in or visit Russia?

Perhaps have a trip to Russia lined up. Maybe you are going for 3 days or 10 times a year?

Usually, newbies worry about simple things like: "How can I ask directions?", "Where and how can I buy medicine?".

After all, the further away from the big Russian cities you travel, the less English speakers you’ll encounter. So get ready!

finding your way in moscow

I remember my first visit abroad. I didn’t understand much and could just manage a smile:) 
If you'd like to get:
  • 10 Quick Travellers’ Notes Pocket Guide in pdf format
  • 13 Essential Words to make you sound like a Russian
  • 7 video lessons of Russian totalling 90 minutes
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Business with Russians

Russia is a country in which many people study languages but very few actually speak them.
Business people might speak English, but in state-run companies you probably won’t be so lucky. The best you can hope for is a heavy accented : «Май нейм из...», «Лет ми спик фром май харт...»

For business people, written communication is important and Chapter 6. Why you hate writing Russian is here to help.


Just want to add another language to your ‘collection’? Maybe a second, fifth, seventh…? Or maybe you just like to study languages for brain training?

As one polyglot I know told me: 
“Russian is cool. Russian surprises people”

I’ve also been told that learning Russian grammar is actually good for treating certain brain disorders and illnesses like Alzheimer's. So the genitive plural is actually your best friend in disguise.

learn russian effectively master russian

The most surprising answer

I have to admit, the most surprising answer that I hear quite often is: “I’ve always felt like a Russian deep down inside”.
Others say they study Russian because they want to get a glimpse of the world from the Russian point of view.

everyday life in russia

This is fascinating for me to hear! So please do drop me a message - a few words or whole story, on why you study Russian. What’s your story? 

I love reading these posts and, who knows, your story might even end up being featured as a blog post!

Well, which category do you belong to?

Whatever your reason, you are a champion to me! And I try my hardest to help you on your journey.

Just think: humans have achieved extraordinary things and yet, the language-learning industry demands thousands of hours spent in classrooms and thousands of dollars to teach a person to speak Russian – and most fail.

It’s all about your efforts! Don’t count on the language learning industry. 

We need to understand exactly WHAT we are doing. To understand precisely what will help us speak fluent Russian and what will be a waste of time. 

You will learn this and more while finding the simplest and most effective ways to learn Russian in Russian Program for Fluency.

“What I offer is a simple and efficient method that actually works! Only 3 essential steps. You can’t get lost! There’s never been an easier way to learn Russian.” --Denis P. Ivanov



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