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QUICK NOTE #0: There are no small issues in Russia!

Hi, Russian Learners! This is another free piece of great content from "Learning To Know".
Would you ever have imagined that 2.3 million foreigners
come to Russia every year?
Hundreds of them have shared their opinions and experiences with us. 

What do they think is the most important issue when going on a trip to Russia? 


Most of the time the travellers mention 3 topics:
  1. Dealing with money (75%)
  2. Medical aid (63%)
  3. Food and drink (45%)
But the most experienced travellers answered in an even simpler way: 
"Absolutely everything is important. This is Russia."
People take a trip to Russia very seriously! We have decided that we should not keep anything to ourselves and we want to give away...
Everything That We Know. Right NOW. Absolutely FREE

10 Quick Travellers' Notes is based on the Travellers' Notes Program. We have made a list of everything that's most important:
  • what to avoid and what to be ready for
  • key Russian words to use in key situations
  • how and where to ask for help
It will take only 3 minutes of your time
Even simply printing this paper and carrying it with you during your trip can help.

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Best regards, Denis Ivanov
Co-Founder, Learning To Know 
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